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Your Valuable Opinions

Thank you to all our patients who shared their valuable opinions…


It has been a month since Dr. İsa had surgery. I couldn’t breathe through my nose and my nose was crooked. It resolved all my complaints, thank you very much. I would definitely recommend it to those who want to have surgery.




I had surgery on December 4, 2021. I’m glad I knew him and had my surgery done by Dr. İsa did it. Nose surgery is not performed everywhere and by every doctor. In my opinion, it is a serious surgery. I must underline that even though I have thick skin, my nose was less swollen than expected. Researchers know that the nose of patients with thick skinned noses becomes very swollen and heals slowly. He also answered all my questions patiently and politely, without ever getting bored. May God open your path.

Gülşah DOĞAN



It’s a good thing our roads are intersected with Dr. İsa. 🙏🏿 My absolute trust in him never diminished during the pre-operative and post-operative period. The reason why I postponed the surgery for so many years was because I wanted to know a doctor like you. Let alone 5 stars, even 1000 stars are not enough to rate you, sir.

Esma Banu YAZICI



I am a police officer. My psychology was bad after a surgery I had 9 years ago. I had a nose that was arched and looked bad. Not to mention not being able to breathe. I researched Dr. İsa Özbay and when I talked to him, he really cared for me like his own brother. So I trusted him until the end. He helped with everything. I had the surgery comfortably in a nice hospital. Today is my 1st month. Everyone likes my nose very much. Thank you Dr. İsa Özbay. 🙏

Mehmet Can MÜLAYİM



I had surgery with Dr. İsa on November 13th. I had a bridge on my nose and the tip was a little low. When I laughed, the tip fell more and it bothered me. I have seen many doctors before and none of them were satisfactory to me because I wanted a nose that was natural and would not spoil my expression. When I saw the work of Doctor İsa, I immediately wanted to have surgery and I did. I was very pleased. Mr. İsa is a brand and if there is anyone who wants to be a brand but cannot, go and get examined. Dr. İsa will clear up all the question marks in your mind. ❤️❤️❤️




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